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  • Acronym: ECO-BIO-FOAM
  • Project number: 32101
  • Contract period: 1 October 2008 - 30 November 2011
  • Project abstract:
  • Using polymers from renewable resources as an alternative for the conventional ones, contributes, on the one hand, to the saving of non-renewable fuels and on the other hand to the reduction/elimination of post consumer plastic accumulation in the environment. Starch, the main natural polysaccharide, is relatively inexpensive and is used to manufacture biodegradable materials that can be processed into packaging. Because of high hygroscopicity and low physico - mechanical properties, end products derived from starch have improper behaviors in use. Clear advantages presented by this polymer led to finding new solutions for physical and chemical modification of starch with its transformation into new expandable materials for ecological packaging used to transport brittle goods. To create expanded structures, are considered the easiest to apply variants to working conditions. The technology for the realization of new cell type biodegradable packaging is ecological and envisages a controlled process that can translate into production on existing production lines, in economic conditions. The project is based on the following three types of activities specific for 4th program of PNCD2: technological research, experimental development and support activities. These activities are conducted in a consortium of six partners from which five are Romanians and a foreign partner, namely: two research institutes, three universities and a commercial company. Activities considered in the activity plan are tailored to achieve the objective and outcome indicators targeted. Project as a whole, is based on a modern and efficient management concept of balanced correlation of the activities with human, material and financial resources. The project attracts young professionals in research and states the impact of the project. Result indicators are relevant for 4th program of PNCD2.

  • Project coordinator:
    National Research & Development Institute for Chemistry & Petrochemistry ICECHIM - Polymers Dept
    Project manager Dr. Ing. Doina Dimonie, tel. 0213128501, Fax: 0213123493, email:
  • PARTNER 1 (P1)
    Politehnica University Bucharest;
  • PARTNER 2 (P2)
    Institutul de Chimie Fizica "Ilie Murgulescu" Bucuresti;
  • PARTNER 3 (P3)
    Academy of Ecomonic Studies Bucharest;
  • PARTNER 4 (P4)
    SC Corola SA Focsani
  • PARTNER 5 (P5)
    Patras University – Unfunded partner



  • Development of green biodegradable cellular packaging based on renewable polymers, with comparable quality level with packaging made from polymers coming from conventional resources.


  • Development of experimental model of realization and characterization of the obtained biodegradable cellular packaging;
  • Development of laboratory technology for obtaining new cellular biodegradable packaging based on modified starch;
  • Testing and characterization of biodegradable cellular packaging made on specific melt processing equipment
  • Demonstration of functionality and utility of the experimental model;
  • Documentation of technical and economic analysis;
  • Testing the technology at co-financing;
  • Dissemination of results;
  • Patent application with OSIM;
  • Exchange of good practice;

  • Phase 1 - Studies on the possibilities of making ecological polymeric cellular packaging based on starch. Deadline - 16.02.2009
  • Phase 2 - Studies and analysis on the characterization method. Experimental method. Deadline - 30.11.2009
  • Phase 3 - Developing technology for obtaining new ecological biodegradable cellular packaging based on starch. Deadline - 30.06.2010
  • Phase 4 - Design of technology of laboratory. Wide dissemination through communication and publication of results. Deadline - 30.11.2010
  • Phase 5 - Technology of laboratory. Technical-economic documents. Technical specification. Intellectual property rights. Dissemination. Scientific and technical manifestation. Deadline - 30.11.2010
  • Phase 6 - Intellectual property rights. Dissemination. Scientific and technical manifestation. Deadline - 30.09.2011

  • Dimonie Doina
  • Dimonie Mihai
  • Nicolae Cristian Andi
  • Radovici Constantin
  • Dumitriu Irina
  • Fierascu Radu-Claudiu
  • Doncea Sanda
  • Trandafir Inna
  • Iancu Rusandica
  • Pop Simona-Florentina

equipment eco-bio-foam



a. Granules with different starch content moldable into biodegradabe foams:

Granules with different starch content moldable into biodegradabe foams

b. Biodegradable foams:

Biodegradable foams

2. LABORATORY TECHNOLOGY for obtaining biodegradable eco –friendly packaging for the transport of friable goods.

3. PATENT APPLICATION Ro. A/ 01202 /23.11.2011 "Composition and procedure for obtaining biodegradable foamed packaging"

  • Avoiding the degradation of the blends based on starch at melt processing;
  • Silicates delamination used for reinforcement of the blends based on starch as to remove the degradation at melt processing;
  • Melt rheology of some blends with variable starch content;
  • The morphology of the some blends with different starch content;
  • Biodegradable foams obtained from blends with different starch content
  • Mechanical, dynomo – mechanical, thermal and morphology of foams based on blends with different starch content
5. Articles published in ISI coated journals
  • D. Dimonie, C. Radovici, G. Vasilievici, M.C. Popescu, S. Garea, "The dependence of the XRD morphology of some bionanocomposites on the silicate treatment", Journal of Nanomaterials, 2008, doi:10.1155/2008/538421;
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6. Proceedings
  • Doina Dimonie, Ivan Kelnar , Ramona Marina Coserea, Raluca Darie, Florentina Simona Pop , Irina Dumitriu, Catalin Zaharia, "Some Aspects Concerning the Surface Defects of Green Nanocomposites based on Renewable Resources", 16th Romanian International Conference on Chemistry and Chemical Engineering – RICCCE16, 9-12 Septembrie, 2009, Sinaia, Romania, , ISBN 978-606-521-349-4 .
  • Doina Dimonie, Ramona Coserea, Radovici Constantin, Simona Pop, Bojin Dionezie, Socoteanu Radu, Celina Petrea, Zaharia Catalin, Roxana Zghirian, "Approaches considering a better incorporation of multilayered silicate into a polymeric matrix designed for bio – nano – materials obtaining", Second International Workshop on Advanced, Nano – and Biomaterials and their Applications, French-Romanian Topical meeting on Nano and Biomaterials, 15 – 19 September 2010, Sibiu, Romania;
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7. Comunications
  • Doina Dimonie, Ramona Marina Coserea , Radu Socoteanu, Maria Cristina Popescu, "The FTIR Analysis of the Silicate Treatment Influence on the Properties of Some Polymeric Bionanocomposites", Eurofillers Congress "From macro to nanofillers for structural and functional polymer materials", 21-25 Iunie 2009, Alessandria, Italia.
  • Doina Dimonie, Ramona Marina Coserea, Florentina Pop, Catalina Duncianu, Ivan Kelnar, Catalin Zaharia, "The Surface Defects of Some Composites based on Starch", 10th International Conference on Frontiers of Polymers and Advanced Materials, Santiago, CHILE, 28 Septembrie-2 octombrie 2009, ISBN 973-8130-91-3.
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  • Doina Dimonie, R.M. Coserea, L. Anton, R. Socoteanu, C. Petrea, S.F. Pop, "The visco-elastic behavior of some materials based on renewable polymers designed for foam packages", The 14th International conference on Physical Chemistry, 02-04 Iunie 2010, Bucuresti, Romania.
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Project Manager: Dr.Doina Dimonie;
Tel: 0723458834

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