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Chemical and Petrochemical
Technologies Dept
Technologies and nanomaterials for bioactive barrier functionalization of textile surfaces
Environmental protection
and remedial, restorative,
corrective products
synthesis technologies


  • Project title: Technologies and nanomaterials for bioactive barrier functionalization of textile surfaces
  • Project number: 72148 / 2008
  • Financing: Governmental budget - Ministerul Educației, Cercetării și Tineretului, Programul 4 - PARTENERIATE IN DOMENIILE PRIORITARE
  • Project category: PC
  • Project budget (including other sources): 798.516,56 lei
  • Contract budget (only governmental source): 734.866,56
  • Contract period: 36 months (October 2008 - September 2011)
  • Contracting Authority: Centrul National de Management Programe (CNMP)
  • Coordinator: Institutul National de Cercetare-Dezvoltare pentru Chimie si Petrochimie - ICECHIM
  • The target of the project:
    • The human body from the holistic point of view it's an entire micro-cosmos, that has a one-to-one connection with the Universe, the macro-cosmos. The connection called bioresonance allows the process of regeneration of the organism or the prevention of the diseases, using elements from nature, that have calibrating energy and bioinformation (plants, minerals, dynamic metals).
    • The new textile products, that will be realized on the current project, are in the textile category that have a supplementary role in the lives of people, which covers the one that covers/protects the human body, meaning the category of the bioactive/barrier, their usage is not limited to the medical sector, although they may be used with success in this area, but they were designed for the majority of people that have an allergic skin sensitivity or for the people that want to protect themselves so that could prevent the installation of such affections, especially if they have this kind of problems in their heritage, small children, pets, are in contact with pollen and much dust, some of them have dermatological problems when they consume certain aliments and/or medical drugs.
    • These textiles, newly designed by the specialists from the Textile and Leather University from Iasi (they may be used on any kind of existent textile that comes in contact with human skin), treated by the specialists from ICECHIM-Bucharest and from 'Petru Poni-Iasi' with polimeric biomaterials based on plants extracts with remarkable chemical and biologic qualities and whom performances will be continually analysed, they will protect/ in a passive way the sufferances of the human skin (eritems, pustules, vesicoles, ) that appeared in the presence of some antigenes of some alergens from the exterior environment (pollen, dust ) or that appeared due to some medical drugs or food.

Coordinator :
  • Research & Development National Institute for Chemistry and Petrochemistry ICECHIM, Splaiul Independentei nr. 202, Sector 6, Bucuresti tel: 021-3153299, fax: 021-3123493; Project manager Mrs. Loti Cornelia Oproiu, email:
Members :
  • Romanian Academy - Institute for Macromolecular Chemistry Petru Poni Jassy, str.Aleea Gr.Ghica Voda, nr.41A, telefon 0232-217454, fax 0232-211299, team manager Ms.Marieta Nichifor PhD, email:
  • Technical University "Gh.Asachi" Jassy, Str. Mangeron, Nr. 67, tel: 0232 278628, fax: 0232 278628, team manager Mr.Doru Cezar Radu PhD, email :
  • SC BIO HIGH TECH SRL Bucharest, Str. Constantin Bosianu, Nr.15, telefon 021-3357090, fax 021-3357091, team manager Mrs.Lucia Chirita, email : ,
  • SC CHEMIX SRL Bucharest, Str. Iuliu Maniu, Nr.61, telefon 0744500945, fax 021 2523155, team manager Mrs.Stela Florescu PhD, email :


General objectives
  • The theme that is concerned in this project, appears in the development directions of the big firms in the area, that involves the realization of more natural textiles, more comfortable, with nice aspect and fine touch, multifunctional, with adaptive technological processes according to the fashion trend and all of these in the conditions of the usage of some chemical processing(cleaning, whitening/colouring/ imprinting ), as ecological as possible, leading to the growth of the concurrence of some economical potential agents
  • The partnership of the present project follows the elaboration of some experimental models and the realization of some complex clean technologies for the implementation of some bio-composites that, due to some conditions when they are applied on natural textiles supports, with different destinations, so that they may bio-functionalise them, using the transfer of the bioactive properties of some special bioactive compounds extracted from plants and embedded in the polymeric matrix and so to transform them in bioactive/reactive textile supports.
Specific objectives
  • The fundamental understanding of phenomena and processes that are occurring at nano scale (bioactive nano-compounds, nano-incapsulations, etc.) as well as the ones that occur in the complex bioactive interface/polymeric matrix/textile sub-layer
  • The synchronization: symptom allergic/natural bioactive compound / bio-composition with anti-allergic action- anti-microbial / textile sub-layer
  • The synchronization/preparation/acquisition of natural bioactive compounds extracted from plants, of some polymeric bio-compounds using the embedding of the bioactive compounds (directly or nano-incapsulated) in solutions/suspensions/emulsions, of some oligomers/polymers compatible with bioactive substances and biocompatible with the human skin, of some textiles projected for different destinations and of the finite textiles obtained through the deposit of the polymeric film, specific complex characterizations.

  • WP I – Research strategy elaboration.Conceptual model for enrichment textile surfaces with bioactive anti-allergic properties – Deadline : February 27, 2009
  • WP II – Synchronizing procedures elaboration : allergic symptom / natural bioactive compound / anti-allergic effect for preparing anti-allergic textiles ; preliminary experimental studies – Deadline : November 27, 2009
  • WP III – Experimental model elaboration for the bioactive barrier functionalization of a cotton textile ; specific characterizations – Deadline : November 30, 2010
  • WP IV – Experimental model achievement for the bioactive barrier functionalization of a cotton textile ; specific characterizations – Deadline : September 30, 2011

  • WP I / Documentation studies concerning following topics :
    • selection, obtaining and characterization of natural extracts with antimicrobial / anti-allergic / protection effects
    • special procedures for chemical finishing of textiles;
    • synthessis and functionalization of natural / synthetic non-allergic polymers;
    • bioactive functionalization of cellulosic textile surfaces;
    • engineering of textiles with special utilisations;
    • washing / mentenance of bioactive textil surfaces;
    • dermatological characterization of human skin after bioactive textile contact
  • WP II / They were performed many experimental studies concerning :
    • analytic characterization of bioactive compounds with antimicrobial / anti-alleric properties ;
    • biocomposites application on cotton textile surface ;
    • derived cyclodextrin synthessis, complexing with ethalon bioactive compound and grafting on cotton textil surface ;
    • physico-chemical coupling of chitosan with cotton textil surface;
    • derived dextran synthessis ;
    • biocompatibility and non-alleric dermatological studies in vivo ;
    • engineering and characterization of cotton textil samples;
    • specific physico-chemical characterization studies.
  • WP III / They were performed many experimental studies that allowed the elaboration of experimental model for obtaining of the bioactive antimicrobial / anti-alleric textile surfaces :
    • two laboratory technologies for antimicrobial / anti-allergic biocomposites application on cotton textil surfaces ;
    • an experimental study for physical / electrosthatical retention of bioactive compounds by textile cotton surface after chitosan coupling ;
    • two different experimental studies for encapsulation of two bioactive compounds ;
    • a pilot scale technology to obtain textile cotton samples ;
    • a laboratory scale technology to obtain an antimicrobial / anti-allergic biomaterial by chemical textil finishing procedures ;
    • a characterization study to demonstrate bioactive compounds coupling with polymeric material grafted on cotton textil surfaces ;
    • a characteization study of tested biomaterials ;
    • an experimental study to assay in vivo non-allergic properties of bioactive compounds ;
    • biocompatibility and non-alleric dermatological studies in vivo with cotton textile ingrain with selected biocomposites ;
    • specific physico-chemical characterization studies.


2 articoles: FI=3,167; FI=3,471
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1 book
  • Hritcu Mihaela, Radu-Cezar Doru, Oproiu Loti-Cornelia, "Tricoturi curative in dermatitele de contact", Lucrare publicata in volumul "Textilele viitorului", Iasi Performantica 2009, ISBN 978-973-730-659-3

2 papers at international conferences, ISI cotated
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1 paper at international finishing textile congress
  • Loti Cornelia OPROIU1, Anca Angela ATHANASIU1, Marieta NICHIFOR2, Marieta CONSTANTIN2, Georgeta MOCANU2, RADU Cezar Doru3, Mihaela HRITCU3, Elena Alina NANU4, Stela FLORESCU5, 1INCDCP-ICECHIM Bucharest; 2ICMPP Iasi; 3Technical University "Gh. Asachi" Iasi; 4BIO HIGH TECH Ltd Bucharest; 5CHEMIX Ltd Bucharest, "Biofunctional anti-allergic textiles", 22nd IFATCC International Congress- Stresa, Italy, 5-7 May 2010, poster

6 papers at national / international conferences
  • Hritcu M., Radu C.D., Oproiu C.L., Grigoriu A., "Cotton fabrics modified with reactive cyclodextrins including natural anti-allergic compounds", "The 15th International Cyclodextrin Symposium", Vienna, Austria, 9-12 May, 2010 (Poster)
  • Hritcu Mihaela, Radu Cezar-Doru, Grigoriu Aurelia, Oproiu Loti-Cornelia, "Biomaterials having anti-allergic properties made of natural and organic products", Lucrare publicată în "The 14th International Conference – Inventica 2010", The 14th International Salon of research, innovation, and technological transfer, June 9-11, 2010, Iasi, Romania, p. 482-486, ISBN: 978-973-730-719-4, Revistă acreditată CNCSIS
  • Hritcu Mihaela, Radu Cezar-Doru, Grigoriu Aurelia, Oproiu Loti-Cornelia, "The performances of a biomaterial with anti-allergical properties", International Symposium in knitting and apparel, 19-20 November 2010, Iasi (ISSN 2069 –1564).
  • Loti Cornelia OPROIU*, Anca Angela ATHANASIU*, RUSE Mircea*, ALBULESCU Viorel Liviu*, TOLESCU Ciprian*, Elena IONITA*, DEACONU Marian*, FARAON Victor Alexandru*, Anca Maria TOIU**, Marieta NICHIFOR***, Cristina Magdalena STANCIU***, RADU Cezar-Doru****, Mihaela HRITCU****, Lucia BOSCA*****, Veronica DUMITRU*****, ElenaAlina NANU*****, *INCDCP ICECHIM-Bucuresti; **Universitatea de Medicina si Farmacie-Cluj-Napoca ;***Institutul de Chimie Macromoleculara "Petru Poni"- Iasi ;**** Universitatea Tehnica "Gh. Asachi "- Iasi ; ***** S. C. BIO HIGH TECH Srl, "Tesaturi functionalizate bioactiv tip bariera cu proprietati antialergice" , Simpozionul International "PRIOCHEM"-editia aV-a, 29-30 octombrie, 2009, SINAIA- Romania (plen).
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  • Project manager : ing.Loti Cornelia Oproiu, email:

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