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Chemical and Petrochemical
Technologies Dept
Mesomorfous Chromogene polymeric systems organized in supramolecular architecture for inteligent surfaces with controlable propeties (CLICOPOL)
Environmental protection
and remedial, restorative,
corrective products
synthesis technologies


  • The objective of the project is the production and characterization of new composites having special properties, for inteligent materials using the newest knowledge and methods in the field of the synthesis of hybride materials and of polymer composites. The project starts from capacity of the macromolecular compounds to form mesophases if the rigidity is ensured, either by the interaction of lateral catenes or by the presence of mesogene groups of the type of azo or azomethine chromogenes. The specific macromolecular structure of the materials which are aimed to be obtained ensure advantages in what regards the anisothropy, thermal stability, versatility and manevrability.
  • The novelty is the synthesis in microwave field of some chromogen-polymer compounds with liquid crystal properties by linking an epoxy resins with variable molecular mass of some dyes with azo or azomethine structure. The composite materials have a molecular rigidity, of interest being those structures in which the rigid domains are dispersed at molecular level in polymer materials with flexible catenes leading to compounds having liquid crystal properties. Such compounds will be used in host-guest systems of the tridimensional epoxide type as well as in epoxi composites obtained from inorganic compounds of stratificate structure and hybrid polymers derivatives of alcoxysilanes functionalized with organic reactive groups.
  • The project can be part of the general objective of the program or development of partnerships of national R&D institutes, universities, academic institutes, for the development of new materials, products and processes with high added value which lead to technologies and “high-tech” products and prepare the mechanisms for implementing in the domains of optical storage of information, nonlinear optics, holographic applications, etc..

  • Research & Development National Institute for Chemistry and Petrochemistry – ICECHIM
  • Polytechnica University of Bucharest
  • Technical University "Gh.Asachi" Jassy
  • Research & Development National Institute for Materiales Physic
  • Research & Development National Institute for Lasers Physic, Plasm and Radiation
  • Romanian Academy – Institute for Macromolecular Chemistry Petru Poni

  • Modelling of chromogen mesogenous structures, syntheses and characterization of some chromogene of donating – accepting typ with azo and azomethine structure, adequate functionalized for grafting on epoxy oligomers or organosilane ancohring agents with glycidyl residues and the performings’ evaluation these compounds.
  • Obtainig and characterization of some organic or inorganic polymer structure functionalized through chemical reaction with synthesized donating – accepting chromogen typ and the properties” evaluation of obtained compounds.
  • Modification of epoxy resins with liquid crystal polymers and the properties’ evaluation of obtained systems.
  • Obtaining of some organic inorganic composites systems resulted through interaction of polymer liquid crystals with inorganic compounds of oxide type or silicate with stratificated structure
  • Obtaining and characterisation of some organic-inorganic hybrids resulted through epoxy resins interaction with inorganic compounds of oxide type modified with organosilane anchoring agents functionalised with organic chromogens
  • Characterisation, testing and evaluation of photochemical/ dichroic properties of composite materials in laser exciting processes
  • Dissemination on large scale of scientific results of the project, products and obtained technologies promotion.

  • Stage I - 2007
    Design and establishing synthese althernatives, structural azochromogenes types and althernatives for some epoxy resins obtaining
  • Stage II – 2008
    Obtaining and characterization of some chromogen polymer structures from azoic mesogenous and epoxy resins.
  • Stage III – 2008
    Epoxy resins’ modification with polymer liquid crystals and properties evaluation of obtained systems
  • Stage IV - 2009
    Organic – inorganic composites systems resulted through interaction of polymer liquid crystals with inorganic compounds of oxide type or silicate with stratificated structure
  • Stage V – 2009
    Organic-inorganic hybrids resulted through epoxy resins interaction with inorganic compounds modified with organic chromogens
  • Stage VI – 2010
    Optimization of labor technologies for chromogen polymer composites obtaining


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