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Chemical and Petrochemical
Technologies Dept
Elaboration of modern surfactants-based auxiliaries for the metal-working industries, textile industry and processes of radioactive wastes decontamination
Techological processes
for organic
products synthesis


  • Financier: National Authority for Scientific Research ,
  • Project type: Module I CEEX
  • Financial resources (state budget): 1.000.000 lei
  • Duration: 24 months
  • Project's abstract
    • We propose the achievement of a project by help of which to perform research and technological development works for applications and precompetitive purposes, the achievement of a long lasting partnership between participants in the domain of surfactants based auxiliaries, by which to ensure the increase of the competitivity of these products and to reduce the negative impact on the environment.
    • The project is aimed at elaborating new technologies in order to obtain surfactants based auxiliaries for the metal working industry (emulsions and microemulsions), textile industry (mercerization and hydrophilization agents textile finishing agents), emulgators for the radioactively contaminated mineral oils as well as a liquid membranes system for radioactive metal separation. For these purposes the offerors intend to achieve a series of activities, which mainly consist in fundamental methodology based on scientific selection of auxiliaries composition in good agreement with the surface activity parameters (HLB, clouding point, wetting capacity, surface and interfacial tension, foaming power, emulsifying capacity) and the auxiliaries use value, in order to ensure environment protection, according to the EU norms and national legislation.. By the participation of the main manufacturer- S.C. CHEMIX at this project we intend to put into practice the results obtained as a consequence of project development. The researches will have as main goal the study and elaboration of auxiliaries without negative impact upon the environment. Some significant examples are the replacement of ethoxylated nonylphenol by other surfactants (methyl esters) and the selection of some derivatives of vegetal oils (methyl esters) under the conditions of constant surface activity parameters and use value. The elaboration for the textile industry of some auxiliaries with certain enzyme content represents an element of novelty leading to significant technico-economical advantages.
    • Surfactants based auxiliaries which are to be elaborated are employed under the form of colloidal systems; we consider that this project joins with chapter 4 namely Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies, materials and new manufacturing processes, point 4.3 new products from thematic fields S&T. The connected fields are: 6.1 Climatic changes, pollution and risk for the environment protection concerns, and 4.4 Advanced materials and technologies for intersectorial applications of the auxiliaries we have studied.
    • Complexity of the thematic is determinate by the integration within the project of the activities of manufacturing biorenewable of raw materials based auxiliaries (surfactants and enzymes) by the multitude of the field of use investigated (metal working industries, nuclear activities and textile industry). The selection of the auxiliaries components is made based on scientifically substantiated criteria. The project is aimed at finalizing the activities products and technologies transfer to the CHEMIX and CCMMM partners in order to introduce them into manufacturing.
    Spl. Independentei 202, sector 6, 060021, Bucuresti
    Director de proiect: Aurelia PISCUREANU ; tel: 021-316.30.89;
  • UNIVERSITATEA din Bucuresti
    bd. M. Kogalniceanu nr. 36-46, sector 5, Bucuresti Stela FLORESCU; tel:021-314.35.08/174;
    Str. Splaiul Independentei nr.202B, 060041, Bucharest Demetra SIMION ; tel: 021-316.28.15;
  • University Politehnica of Bucharest
    Str. Polizu nr 1, sector 1, Bucuresti
    Conf. Dr. ing. Anca MARTON, tel 021-4023940 ;
  • Romanian Authority for Nuclear Activities Nuclear Research Branch
    str. Campului nr.1,Mioveni
    dr.fiz. Ion V. Popescu; tel: 0248-213.400/173;
  • S.C. CHEMIX S.R.L.
    bd. I. Maniu nr. 61, sector 6, Bucuresti
    ing. Ioan FLORESCU, tel. 0744.50.09.45;

  • Stage I : Techno-economical diagnosis concerning present situation and world wide tendencies in our field of interest by techno-economical study regarding the situation and perspectives of surfactants based auxiliaries.
  • Stage II : Experimental studies in order to select the optimal composition of auxiliaries.
  • Stage III : Manufacturing technologies for metal working industry, textile industry, radioactive wastes revaluation.
    Dissemination of the obtained scientific results
  • Stage IV : Manufacturing technology for membrane materials.
  • Stage V : Technological transfer and revaluation research results in industrial activity.


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